Group Project Work: ‘Ties that bind 2.0’

October 18, 2012

In keeping with  our time honored tradition, this year the students have been set a collaborative project to work on a joint presentation to be delivered in Second Life at the end of module. The presentation should use various media forms and the use of props and all is encouraged… (creativity welcomed).

The brief is to interpret the theme ‘Ties that bind 2.0’ in terms of the module objectives, bearing in mind that the module is based on the identification of the self online, forming relationships and becoming part of communities.

Discussions will be ongoing, culminating in the final presentation. Each presentation should last between five and ten minutes.


  1. Dudley, Thomas, Sofia and Box
  2. Fenix, Kautostar and autocat
  3. Inish, Seranox, B.ro, and Ace.

Students will also be using various means to publicize their event and engage with the communities they identify with and engage with. They will be expected to reflect on the experience of collaborating online, working online and highligh their main contributions in their blogs.

For more details about the assessment of this module see page 6 (Module Assessment) in the right hand column of this blog.


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