6. Module assessment

There are two elements to the assessment of this module.

Website Blog (50%)

Each student must create a Website Blog. You will write a post and publish it on your Blog at least once a week for the duration of the semester. You will be given a topic to write about for each class. You should remember that even though much blog writing is often informal, or even casual, your writing should follow the normal academic style (I will explain more about this in class). Your Website Blogs will be assessed after Class 4 (when you will have written four posts) and at the end of the semester ā€“ therefore this assignment divided into part 1 (20%) and part 2 (30%). Assessment rubric for Student Blogs

Team Project (50%)

In Class 4 the Team Project will be introduced and you will be assigned to your Project Teams. You will work collaboratively on the project for the rest of the semester. However, you will be assessed individually so there is no need to worry if you think some of your team mates are not performing as they should.

The aim of this assignment is to give you experience of working online as part of a team. This is not always easy and teams do not find success by accident. Therefore, the experience of working on a poor team is equally valid to that of working on a strong team ā€“ it is your reflection on, and critical response to, what plays out that is being assessed.

Assessment criteria for the Team Project are as follows:

Group Mark

  • Communication with the audience: establishing a connection with the audience to deliver a coherent presentation.
  • Content: addressing the theme of the brief coherently.

Individual mark

  • Tools for Collaboration: selection of appropriate tools for group planning and effective use of the tools.
  • Teamwork: contribution to the team and demonstration of understanding of team dynamics.
  • Weekly Blog Reports: ability to describe activity coherently, reflect on experience and present a critical evaluation of the process of developing the project, citing appropriate references.
  • Quality of Presentation: individual contribution to the presentation of the project.
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