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Class 4 preparation.(Note from Elfay)

February 28, 2012

8pm GMT: Class will begin at the regular virtual DIT classroom with Lisa for an hour.

Second hour will move to J9’s SIM Thousand Rooms (make sure you already have the SLURL for that SIM ahead of class time)

She (and I) will have invited our regular friends/guests from both our shows to participate in this portion of the class.  J9 will likely perform (she’s a professional musician in both worlds) and then talk about her own experience with the issues covered in beginning of class.

Interact with us and our guests throughout the hour.

There will be time for Q & A before class ends.

The Show Links:

Coffee & Pajamas Jazz Show networking:

  1. Facebook: lots of posters in the photos section here as well
  2. Google+:
  3. Show Voice Sampler:
  4. Deviant Art;
  5. Neil Delaney; Show Poster Designer:
  6. His own Site:

“The Frequent Asides:

There is also my own life/”private” networking on Flickr, Tumblr, Linkedin, Artbistro, and Mandys as well as my own portal site.  But they can all be found by starting at one or more of the above.  So nothing is private. So in other words…nothing is private.”

My personal favorite Blogs:


Class 3: Personal branding

February 24, 2012


This week’s class started with each participant making an ‘elevator pitch’ – a one-minute summary of what they expect from the module. All made confident, coherent and informative pitches using voice in SL. We talked about how it felt to give a presentation in SL as opposed to a classroom in real life (IRL) classroom and all agreed it was easier in SL due the level of anonymity and the ‘distance’ created through meeting online.

This led on a discussion on developing one’s avatar in SL. Most participants said they enjoyed creating an avatar that is different from how they perceive of themselves IRL. Tae contrasted this with his attempt to match the appearance of his SL avatar to his appearance IRL, albeit how he may have appeared some five years previously, and noted that avatars don’t age. The reasoning behind these decisions was explored and compared with our usual approach to Facebook. It was generally agreed that most of us use FB purely for social reasons, it is a less formal space for chatting and keeping in contact with friends and family. In some cases this led to an awareness of presenting ourselves in the best possible light, just as we generally try to look our best when meeting socially. The freedom to experiment offered by the anonymity of their SL avatars and their relatively anonymous blogs was acknowledged by some participants. There can be less self-consciousness when you are engaging at a distance, through an online connection.

The difference between presenting oneself personally and professionally was touched upon with reference to the links posted in last week’s class summary. We also discussed the idea of the ‘personal brand’ – what it meant, how to create, promote and maintain it. Issues around consistency, reliability, reputation etc were explored and the importance of integrity and honesty was raised. The case of the Gay Girl in Damascus blog was cited as an example of the ‘politics of identity’ that can be highlighted by the ease of creating a persona online.

Next week’s class will be taken by Elfay Pinkdot, host of Coffee and Pajamas. She will be taking you on a tour of some of the exciting social venues in SL and introducing you to some interesting residents. Be early, or you risk missing the tour and be prepared to stay on later than the normal class. It will be fun and illuminating!


Go outside your established community/group (eg, this class group) in SL and make contact with at least two people relevant to your interests (artist, gallery owner, shop selling art, etc). You will write a post on your blog explaining the relevant of these new contacts you have made.


Class 2: Academic writing and referencing

February 22, 2012


Locks gave an introduction to writing in the academic style, explaining what it means, how to do it and why it is important. From now on all blog entries should be written in this style, starting with a rewrite of your first post to your new blogs. The school uses the Chicago referencing style which can be found by clicking here.


Rewrite your blog entry from last week this time applying the conventions of academic writing.

Reading: recent article in The Irish Times about using social media for branding.

Look at a designer’s blog, professional blogillustrator’s blog, art blog.

Prepare a one-minute elevator pitch about yourself and what you hope to gain from the module.


Class 1: Rules of Engagement

February 10, 2012


After making the introductions and welcoming the new participants we suggested that you put a face to your avatars for the next class – personalise it by ‘Editing Appearances’ and/or buying clothes and accessories. Remember, as far as we are concerned you are your avatar! We will always refer to you by your Second Life name, so, if you are not happy with the name you have chosen change it now, before the next class. You will also need to complete your profile in SL. Right-click on your avatar to bring up a list from which you can select and then edit your profile. You don’t need to put in details of your real identity if you prefer not to.

The format of the class will be interactive discussion, supported by reading material provided in this blog prior to the class. You will need to have read the material in advance (or else next class will be longer to allow for catch-up). In addition, you will need to spend time in SL outside the normal class time to familiarise yourself with the environment and to complete set tasks and activities.

Each participant must set up a blog in your SL avatar’s name. This will form a core part of the work you do for assessment. You will be given topics on which to write about each week so that there is not a major piece of work to be done at the end of the module – so it is important to keep up with this. Your writing should adhere to normal academic standards and these will be introduced in the next class. The assessment criteria for the blog can be found here.
The professional online networking tool LinkedIN was introduced. A secure group exclusively for participants in this module will be used for discussions and for posting resources and links. Instructions for joining are given below. Check this regularly for updates and to contribute to the discussions. You will be assessed on the quality of your contribution to these discussions.
Each participant will be given L$300 seed money to get started – you must earn your own after that. (Don’t spend it all as you will need it for your project work.)

In the unlikely event that SL is down, you will receive a text to let you know what alternative arrangements are in place for class.

By signing up to this module you are committing to all of the above.


  1. Complete the profile for your SL avatar.
  2. Set up your blog using Blogger, WordPress or any other blog site that supports text. Complete the About Me section on your blog by writing about your expectations for this module – what you hope to get out of it, what you think you might contribute, etc.
  3. Join LinkedIN using your SL avatar’s name. Then click here to join the module group.
  4. Go to the Coffee & Pajamas Jazz Show at the Sunset Jazz Club on Laurel Arts Isle between 1800 and 2000 GMT on Sunday 12 February. Elfay Pinkdot is the DJ – you must say ‘hi’ to her and tell her you are from the DIT class. If you can’t get there you must explore three other places in SL. The first post to your blog should describe your experience at Coffee and Pajamas or the other place you visit.
  5. Post a link to your blog on to LinkedIN discussion forum, review the blogs of your colleagues and comment.
  6. Send an email to claudia.igbrude(at)dit(dot)ie with your SL name and your mobile phone number.
  7. Reading: Night of the Living Tech, from the New York Times. Recently, Wired magazine proclaimed, “The Web Is Dead.” Yet evolution — not extinction — has always been the primary rule of media ecology, even if the rate of change is speeding up.

New module starts 9th Februrary

February 1, 2012

A new intake of students will start on the module on Thursday 9th February. They will come from the School of Art, Design & Printing at DIT through the Optional Module Programme for Fine Art and Design and also from other parts of the Real World and Second Life through Dublin Virtually Live. If you are not a registered DIT student and would like to take the module please email sitearm (at) gmail (dot) com for application details.

New participants should read through this blog to get a sense of what the module offers and, in particular, read page 8 (see column to the right) titled ‘Getting into Second Life’ to make sure your pc is up to spec. You will also find details on joining Second Life, which you must do before the first class.

All participants must also friend Acuppa Tae and Locks Aichi in Second Life saying that you intend taking the module.

If you are new to Second Life it is a good idea to explore the environment before the module starts. You should be familiar with moving your avatar around, interacting with others and be able to use voice inworld. You will not receive technical tuition on Second Life during class time – it is up to each participant to learn how to live, act and behave in the environment in advance.

Acuppa Tae and Locks Aichi look forward to meeting you next week!

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