1. About this blog

This blog is part of the award winning elective module ‘Virtual Environments: Is one life enough?’ offered by Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT) since 2009 and jointly with University of Akron (UA) since 2014. It is taken by undergraduate students in the Dublin School of Creative Arts at DIT as part of the Optional Module Programme, by UA students and by people form other parts of the Real World and Second Life through Dublin Virtually Live.

The module won the Jennifer Burke Award for Innovation in Teaching and Learning in 2010, a national award made by the Irish Learning Technology Association and Dublin City University. In January 2012 it won the Learning Without Frontiers Award in London in the Further and Higher Education Innovation category.

The module is delivered by John O’Connor (Acuppa Tae) from the College of Arts and Tourism at DIT in association with Claudia Igbrude (Locks Aichi) formerly of the Learning, Teaching and Technology Centre at DIT, Dudley Turner (Dudley Dreamscape) from the College of Creative & Professional Arts at the University of Akron and Glenn Loughran from the Dublin School of Creative Arts at DIT. All classes are held entirely in Second Life: in DIT’s campus in Dublin Virtually Live; Akron’s Second Life Campus; and other locations in Second Life.

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