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Class 1: Rules of Engagement

October 7, 2010

Class started with the discussion between Accupa Tae, Site and I about gender issues in secondlife….whole other research work!!

Arrival front of Aungier str

And then students started to arrive. In all we had 4staff and 18students in attendance….a bigger class than we had last time which made for an interesting dynamic. We have realised we need to enforce class etiquette more t strictly this run to ensure it remains a pleasant experience for all.

We are using facebook(private group) as well as webcourses this time for support and also twitter as mentioned in previous post(#ditsl)

Yesterday’s class being the first one, was spent  setting the context for the module, explaining the background to it and what we would be covering and not covering over the next few weeks.

There was a lot of interest in finding work in secondlife, and the mention of free money to start off went down well. It’s kinda like the biblical parable of talents…we give the students 300quid to start them off and then see how far that goes.


Module starts today

October 6, 2010

The module  starts back today at 8.00Irish time which is 12noon SL time and we will also be  using the hashtag #ditsl on twitter.

We will be at the new Aungier street  location inVirtual Dublin


Please try to be in in SL at least about 10minutes before time to make sure your audio, and all elese is working okay.

When you get in, search for Acuppa Tae  and/or Locks Aichi and request that they teleport you to the location. You will need to ientify yourself in your message or request for TP.

For non-DOT participants, please register by contacting 

Thanks and see you inworld!

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