4. Module content

This content relates to the module for 2018 and is subject to change.

Week 1: The Rules of Engagement – Put a face on your avatar. Class format based on discuss. Spending time in Second Life outside class. Setting up a blog. Academic writing.

Week 2: Team working – Participants assigned to teams. Discussion about effective team working. Introducing the group project. Exploring Second Life.

Week 3: Personal Branding – About Me pages. Personal versus professional. Digital and media literacy. Social networks.

Week 4: Online Communities and Relationships – Guest lecturer Elfay Pinkdot. Yourself and others. Types of communities: creating, joining, participating.  Types of communities: practice, learning, support. Regulations. Conventions. Etiquette.

Week 5: Content Creation, part one – What constitutes content. Generating and sharing content. Value and income. Use and protection of online content. Intellectual property and copyright.

Week 6: Marketing and Promotion – Followers and friends. Getting people to attend your event, read your blog, join your community.

Week 7: Content Creation, part two – Guest lecturer and module graduate Sitearm Madonna.

Week 8: Review of group project work. Discussion and troubleshooting.

Week 9: Group project work clinic.

Week 10: Group project work presentation.

Week 11: Feedback.

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