3. Module description

“As a person, I have to claim my persona as my own. If I don’t, my clone will do it for me.
― Jarod Kintz, Seriously delirious, but not at all serious

In this module, participants will attempt to answer the question posed in the title. The world of online digital communication in the form of the web, social media, virtual worlds etc is becoming an integral part of the professional experience. No longer restricted by physical geography professional collaboration crosses cultural boundaries and time zones. The ability to work effectively in this environment is essential for those joining the 21st Century workforce.

Familiarity with the legal frameworks, social conventions and etiquette that frame this online environment is a prerequisite to success. Participants will gain practical experience of collaborating online, negotiating shared outcomes, and delivering results as part of a team. The importance of developing and managing an online identity or personal brand will be explored in the context of online communities. Participants will be introduced to networks and encouraged to explore their interests while developing and refining their own virtual identities. They will also be given the opportunity to experience community building through participation in a major team project.

On successful completion of this module students will be able to:

  • access online communities and virtual environments
  • create their own online identities
  • manage the reputation of their personal brand
  • work collaboratively in a cross-cultural online environment
  • explain how convention and regulation underpin successful virtual communities
  • develop original online content

The class maintains a strong focus on the impact of the regulations and conventions governing the creation and exploitation of content in various contexts to enable students to apply the theory of content creation in online spaces. Collaboration is an integral part of the module which includes a major team project. The outcome of this course will be a practical and useful grasp of how to use online applications to achieve your specific goals using the digital world, and also participating in a virtual reality to explore collaboratively, the creation and management of content in both the immediate classroom environment and the myriad digital platforms available, such as:

  • blogs and micro-blog sites
  • social networks
  • cross-posting management tools
  • virtual realities
  • video and audio sites
  • picture hosting sites

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