7. Reading list


Top 10 rules for writing a critical blog
(Accessed 28 October 2011)
Advice on critical writing by a blogging GP

From Prosumer to Produser: Understanding User-Led Content Creation
(accessed 20/10/11)
Presentation by Dr Axel Bruns, Creative Industries Faculty, Queensland Institute of Technology. 

Unfriends of Facebook Unite
(accessed on 16 /10/11)
by Pamela Duncan in The Irish Times 15 October 2011
Article about privacy issues in Facebook. 

My profile photo…
(accessed on 13/10/11)
by Richard Gillis in The Irish Times 26 August 2011
Article about personal branding. 

Personal Branding Basics for 2011
(accessed on 12/10/11)
by Chris Brogan, expert in online community, social media, and related technologies.

The History of Second Life
(accessed 18/1/09).
The Wikipedia history of Second Life. Not a bad overview.

Your Second Life is Ready
(accessed on 17/1/09).
Popular Science’s take on SL in 2004.

The Laws of Virtual Worlds
(accessed on 11/11/08).
From the California Law Review 2003 this is an excellent, if highly specialised, review of the legal position of avatars in virtual worlds.

User Generated Content and Virtual Worlds
(accessed on 11/11/08).
From the Vanderbilt Journal of Entertainment and Technology Law, 2008.


Boellstorff, Tom; “Coming of Age in Second Life: An Anthropologist Explores the Virtually Human”; Princeton University Press, 2008.

Meadows, Mark Stephen; “I, Avatar: The Culture and Consequences of Having a Second Life”; New Riders Press Berkeley CA, 2008.

Stephenson, Neal; “Snow Crash”; Bantam Books, New York 1992. (This is the novel that is credited with inspiring Linden Labs’ Philip Rosedale to develop Second Life.)

Gibson, William; “Neuromancer”; Ace Books, New York 1984. (This novel could just as easily have inspired Second Life, it must surely have inspired Snow Crash.)

Cline, Ernest; “Ready Player One”; Crown Publishing, New York 2011. (This novel is said to have inspired the next development of Second Life.)

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