8. Getting into Second Life

First ensure the computer you are using has a graphics card that supports Second Life. You can check the Second Life system requirements here. Please note that Second Life cannot be accessed from a tablet or smart phone: only a pc or mac, desktop or laptop.

You will also need a broadband connection to the internet.

Now, to get into Second Life:

1. Go to the Second Life website click the ‘Join Free’ button.

2. Follow the simple instructions to set up your avatar and your account.

3. When you run Second Life from the application it brings you directly into the virtual world where your avatar is guided through the induction to Second Life.

4. You will need ‘voice’ in Second Life in order to be able to hear others speaking.

For help in getting started SL, you can try on your own (it probably isn’t difficult), or you could watch these brief videos:


  • Start SL 1” or “Start SL 2” – both show how to get your account started;
  • SL First Time In” – tells how to get into SL itself and what to expect your first time in SL;
  • TP to Welcome” – shows you how to get off the initial orientation island and continuing your adventures in SL

For more help with SL, video tutorials may be just what you need.

Some video tutorials can be found in YouTube.  Not all of these are good, of course. Any made by Torley Linden are good, but they may be old and may be out of date – I don’t think he works at Linden Labs any more.

I made a few that cover some information I think are most helpful:

After the first steps, I have some other suggestions to help you know how to find other people and places and some useful tips:

  • Finding Dreamscape” – explains how to find me and find Akron Island
  • Preferences” – shows what preferences should be set for you
  • Get Organized” – shows how to organize your screen and your inventory for easier use
  • Outfits” – illustrates now to make an outfit or complete character for quick changes
  • Display Name” – shows how to change your display name (what you want people to call you in SL)
  • SL Profile Bio” – shows how to put basic information in your profile in SL
  • SL Profile Privacy” – lets you  know how you can adjust some privacy settings in your profile
  • Group Info” – explains what information you can get and see about the groups you are in
  • Group Tags” – shows how to “activate” a group, show your group title, and use the group benefits
  • Names” – lets you know how you can see other’s names or get them out of the way

These should help. But asking questions of others in SL and exploring and experimenting are some of the best ways to learn. You’ll find most people willing to help in SL – we all remember getting started.


  1. Hope to partake in the September Module when it kicks off….

  2. The next module will start in early October 2011. Keep an eye out here for full details.

  3. […] Tae and Aichi have been delivering the undergraduate module “Is One Life Enough?” entirely in Second Life for the last three years. The module won the 2010 Jennifer Burke Award for Innovation in Learning & Teaching and has been presented at international conferences in Ireland, France and China. It has attracted students, who attend class from the UK, US in addition to Ireland. You can read more about joining Second LIfe here: https://virtualenvironmentsmodule.wordpress.com/8-getting-into-second-life/ […]

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