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Class 10: Presenting projects

December 14, 2012



Sitearm Madonna outside the Dublin Amphitheatre.

The students’ presentation of their projects at the Amphitheatre in Dublin Virtually Live was a real success. A good crowd (including a liberal scattering of pirates) came along and guest judges Elfay Pinkdot and Sitearm Madonna were in attendance.

Acuppa Tae, aka John O'Connor, introduces the students.

Acuppa Tae, aka John O’Connor, introduces the students.

Acuppa Tae Introduced the groups, who presented their projects magnificently, commencing with Inish Karu,, Seranox and Ace Regan; continuing with Dudley Dreamscape, Box of Chocolates, Thomas Tully and Sofia; and concluding with Fenix Muhindra and KautoStar.

The Amphitheatre in Dublin Virtually Live.

The Amphitheatre in Dublin Virtually Live.

Following the presentations students responded to questions from the judges and Locks Aichi and this was followed by a general discussion with member of the audience.

The event was a tremendous success from every point of view and particular credit is due to the participants for the significant efforts put into the event. Well done to you all and congratulations!

More photographs here.


  • [and you thought the module was complete…!]
  • Tae and Locks will be available next week 20 December during normal class time 8.00 to 9.00 pm Irish Time (12 noon to 1 pm SL Time) for feedback on your presentations and/or blogs, or to answer any other questions you may have.
Box of Chocolates at the Dublin Amphitheatre…

Box of Chocolates at the Dublin Amphitheatre…

…and in the Fr Ted Corner at DIT Mountjoy Square.

…and in the Fr Ted Corner at DIT Mountjoy Square.


Class 9: Wrapping up

December 7, 2012


We have almost reached the conclusion of the module. Next week sees the presentation of students’ projects so Locks and Tae met with each group of students individually. We discussed the dynamics of the group, the tools used to facilitate cooperation and planning and the intended approach to the presentation.

Feedback on each student’s blog was also given.

The rest of the class was given over to project work and final planning for the presentation.


  • Complete the group project for presentation.
  • Check that all required blog entries have been posted.
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