Class 7: Metaliteracy and Digital Citizenship

March 21, 2022

The complexity of issues around metaliteracy and digital citizenship were revealed by Valibrarian Gregg in her talk at the Community Virtual Library today. The visit began with a tour of the lovely facility which is a rich resource of information, data, references and texts while also being a calm space in which to relax – much like a library in RL in fact.

The Community Virtual Library is a place for calm contemplation, much like any good library in RL.

There was a good turnout of students and in addition to Magua and John we were joined by Sitearm and Wisdom also. After the tour Val brought us to the presentation platform which is rich with images and short texts to support the talk, based on her recent book Metamodernism and Changing Literacy: Emerging Research and Opportunities (2020).

A new addition to the space since our last visit is the Black Room where some of the darkness of the worldwide web and the internet is considered.

Valibrarian introduces the complexity of metamodernism and metaliteracy so that we can realise the impact of the digital age on society.

There was a good discussion around some of the topics raised by the talk, including consideration of the implications for democracy and freedom of thought in the metaverse, particularly if it is controlled by private interests. What impact might this have on a free society?

You can see a video of the lecture from last semester here.

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