Class 7: Informal discussion

March 28, 2014


This week is Spring Break for students of the University of Akron so attendance at class was optional. Although only three participants were in a position to attend there was representation from each of the Project Groups. We talked about the progress each group was making and answered some general questions.

One important piece of advice was for participants to ensure their presentation was directed to those who will be attending in Second Life. In other words, while it was appropriate to introduce a range of media into the presentation it should be remembered that this is a live virtual performance. So, it would not be a good idea for a group to simply prepare a video for showing on the day.

It was agreed that Akron Island is the most appropriate location for the presentations as participants can build there and Dudley Dreamscape indicated that tools such as media players can be made available.


  1. When are the presentations? I would like to try to join you for that event!

    • Thursday 1st May at the usual class time (8.30 Irish time, noon SL time). You are very welcome to come along, Fenix. We look forward to seeing you 🙂

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