Project resources

December 1, 2011

Very kindly provided by Elfay Pinkdot is a suggested List of Resources for recording and editing the essential audio for the story telling project:

(Note; All of the following are free, available online for downloading and can be used by each member of the group. You need highspeed broadband for skype, secondlife and streaming audio.

1. Skype with Pamela to record audio recording plugin http://www.skype.com/intl/en/welcomeback/ and http://www.pamela.biz/en/

2. Audicity for editing http://audacity.sourceforge.net/

3. Soundcloud to share the file http://soundcloud.com/  or simply send the file to each group member via skype

Also note; ONE person in the group will have to be the designated audio engineer in order to stream your final, edited audio file into the SIM in Second Life on the evening of your event.

4. Audio streaming into Second Life WINAMP http://www.winamp.com/ or SAM http://spacial.com/

Hope this helps and you can always come get me on skype with questions; [skype address posted to the module group on Facebook]

Best of luck!

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