Class 8: Project work

December 1, 2011


The class was given over entirely to getting the team project started as there are only two more weeks before presentation. Tae and Locks led the group in agreeing the theme, casting the show, planning the sound recording, planning the promotion and advertising to ensure there is an audience. The students were reminded to avail of the help and support offered by Elfay Pinkdot and Sitearm Madonna. Tae will put up some recording resources given by Elfay after her talk.

It was agreed to use the Dublin Amphitheatre for the performance and the class concluded with a site visit.

More Linden Dollars were handed out to those who didn’t get any last week.


1. Continue to use the wiki to support project planning.
2. Use Facebook and any other method to promote and market the performance.
3. Don’t forget to make the weekly post to your blog.

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