Class 9: Project work

December 7, 2011

Tae took feedback from the class on each student’s progress in the team project. It seems to be going quite slowly after a failure to meet up during the week. Tae recommended that everyone read the project brief again, paying particular attention to the assessment points. The team was also advised to contact Sitearm and Elfay immediately to get permission to stream sound into the Amphitheatre and support for recording. Also, you should read the Project Resources post giving information about recording and streaming provided by Elfay.

Tae reminded the team that the project was designed to give you the opportunity to implement some online social networking activity. Students all need to provide evidence of their engagement, particularly in your blogs: write about it, post pictures, links etc. It was also strongly advised that you meet up, virtually, as soon as possible; that you have a rehearsal; and a backup plan in case Second Life doesn’t cooperate.

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