Group Project: Going Global

February 12, 2015

Coined in the 1960s by Canadian intellectual Marshall McLuhan the term ‘global village‘ is becoming a reality in today’s society. This is seen in how news spreads, the connections people make, working patterns and day to day life – shopping, socialising, communicating etc. The world of online digital communication in the form of the web, social media, virtual worlds and so on is becoming an integral part of the professional experience. No longer restricted by physical geography professional collaboration crosses cultural boundaries and time zones. The ability to work effectively in this environment is essential for those joining the 21st Century workforce. Familiarity with the legal frameworks, social conventions and etiquette that frame this online environment is a prerequisite to success.

For the project each student group will explore this theme by identifying a cause or charity anywhere in the world, and taking it global. Use the social media platforms of your choice to raise the profile of your cause or charity beyond the local boundaries. Groups will present their projects on either 30th April class or 7th May class. The presentation will be in the form of a Pecha Kucha and will highlight your work, your group dynamic, and the impact; and describe the challenges encountered as you worked with the cause or charity. 20 images x 20 secs each.

For tips, examples and resources, see Catherine Cronin’s blog.

In summary: working in your group, design a campaign to manage your digital footprint; and at the same time work with your group to raise the profile of a cause or charity beyond local or geographical boundaries using social media and online platforms. At the end of the campaign, design a PK presentation to showcase all you did and your experience. Emphasis is on the experience rather than the result. But results will be noticed too.

Important note: If you use images or sound be mindful of copyright, particularly as presentations will be posted to the module blog.


If you haven’t already done so, read this book.

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