Class 7: Project, team working tools, part two

November 24, 2011


Sitearm Madonna (le nom en ligne for James Neville) was guest speaker today. Site is a strategist and expediter for virtual worlds projects and is manager and coordinator for Virtual Dublin in SL. He was a participant in the module last year and spoke about his experience on the team project and shared his knowledge of team working tools. The slides that accompanied Site’s talk are available on his blog, so you can review them again. Also, we will post the text version of the talk here once it has been checked.

Sitearm offered to help students prepare slide presentations saying a weeks notice would be needed for this. The students all received L$300 to support their project work. Following the talk we discussed progress on the project and how the wiki was being used. At the end of the class the proposed venue for the project presentation was visited.

The students who attended the class were each given L$300 towards expenses for the project.

One comment

  1. @All; Hi! Nice pic! I’ve added Locks’ transcript to my blog post, so it’s all together now, slideset and transcript, at the link below.

    In the best traditions of IOLE, I’ve Tweeted this post. Kudos to the Lecturers for pic and text and to my fellow Students for hard work and excellent questions!

    Cheers! 🙂

    link: http://sitearm.wordpress.com/2011/11/23/sitearm-virtual-collaboration-tool-and-project-tips-slideset-transcript/

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