Class 6: Project, team working tools, part one

November 17, 2011


We moved to the original DIT building in Arcata for the class meeting this week – just for a change of scenery. From now on the class time will be given over to working directly on the project. We started by discussing how the team would arrive at an agreed theme for the project, how the team will be organized and whether a team leader would be needed. Tae recommended the students attending this week be bold and make decisions – do not wait around for those who don’t attend to be part of the process because you will be assessed on what you deliver at the end of the module, not what your intentions were.

The wiki was introduced as a tool to support team working and those attending were invited to join the Story Telling Project wiki. This tool allows the team to work together asynchronously. Once you have become a member of the wiki you can make new posts, comment on, edit, add to and/or delete anything on the wiki. The wiki will retain a complete record of all changes and who made them so nothing is lost in the process. It also makes it handy for the examiners to assess each students contribution!

This led to a discussion around how the wiki would be used and how to ensure it didn’t degenerate into a confusing mess. The need to agree appropriate behavior in advance and post the ‘rules of engagement’ on the front page was approved.


1. Use the wiki to agree a theme for the project.
2. Invite the other class members to join the wiki.
3. Post the agreed working method on the front page of the wiki.

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