Class 11: Warning!

May 9, 2019

Guest speaker, Prof Noel Fitzpatrick, all alone in class this evening.

Today was extremely disappointing. Only one participant turned up for class. No apologies received from anyone else. You all know that I had a guest speaker scheduled and this was the final taught class of the module. At the very least your unexplained absence is discourteous. Even more of a concern is the fact that we have spoken about the importance of reliability in online engagement throughout the semester. I made it clear that if you couldn’t attend I am happy for you to catch up with the summaries in this blog and all I asked was the courtesy of being notified in advance.

It is not possible to have a discussion with a single student so class had to be abandoned.

The next class meeting in two weeks will be your turn to present your Team Projects. I hope to see full attendance.

You should also ensure your website blogs are up to date.

Acuppa Tae looks around in vain for some students to participate in the class discussion.

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