Class 2: Working in Groups, assessment.

February 15, 2013


Class started with a quick review of last week and activities. And then students did their elevator pitches. The guests: Inish and Dudley from last year’s group gave feedback to the students.

Panel discussion on group working. Panel members: Site, Inish and Dudley. Site has kindly put up notes used here.

Details of the assessment are outlined here.

The theme is “changing tides.”

You have now been assigned to your groups.


  1. Explore: SL with your group. You are to visit at least 3 locations that are new to you. Find them in search, or ask other residents for recommendations or select them at random.
  2. Discuss: with your group how you are going to develop the project.  You might start by trying to determine how to interpret the theme “changing tides”
  3. Write the second post: on your blog reviewing the locations you visited. Explain how and why you chose them and what relevance they might have for your group.

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