Spring semester 2017

February 8, 2017

Digital Skies starts on Wednesday 8th February at 8.30 pm.

Welcome to the module ‘Virtual Environments: Is one life enough?’ being offered exclusively to students on the BA in Visual Art (BAVA) from Sherkin Island this semester.

Titled DIGITAL SKIES: Art & Utopian thought in the 21st Century this semester’s offering is inspired by the 500th Anniversary of Thomas More’s book Utopia last year and, to mark this event, the Dean of the College of Arts and Tourism John O’Connor and BAVA Programme Chair Dr Glenn Loughran have teamed up to develop the first Digital Painting module on Sherkin Island. 

Expanding upon the module’s usual consideration of online collaboration and an investigation into our digital personae, students will engage philosophically with the idea of Utopia, its historical significance and how it relates to the digital world today. Within this module, students will develop practical skills in the development of a suite of digital paintings that will be exhibited in Second Life and on Sherkin Island in May 2016.

The first class meeting will be on Wednesday 8th February at 8:30 pm. We meet online every week at DIT in Second Life. If you are new to Second Life, known as SL, then start by reading Getting into Second Life to find out how to access the class. You should then visit SL and find the DIT campus, learn how to get around the virtual world and familiarise yourself with the environment and how to control your avatar. This will take a few hours so give yourself plenty of time before class starts.

Please read pages 1 to 9 in the column to the right also. If you would like to find out more about what to expect during the semester read the posts in this blog: all classes since 2009 have been summarised.

Email John O’Connor or Glenn Loughran if you have any difficulties.

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