First class of new Module is on Thursday 13th February 2014

February 3, 2014

The module will commence on Thursday 13th February with participants from the School of Art, Design & Printing at DIT through the Optional Module Programme for Fine Art, Design, Visual and Critical Studies and also from other parts of the Real World and Second Life through Dublin Virtually Live, and from Akron University Ohio. If you are not a registered DIT student and would like to take the module please email sitearm(at)gmail(dot)com for application details.

DIT students must send the following details to acuppatae(at)gmail(dot)com

  1. your real name
  2. your avatar’s name in Second Life
  3. your programme title, code and year
  4. your email address
  5. your student number

New participants should read through this blog to get a sense of what the module offers and, in particular, read page 8 (see column to the right) titled ‘Getting into Second Life’ to make sure your pc/mac is up to spec. You will also find details on joining Second Life, which you must do before the first class.

All participants must also friend Acuppa Tae and Locks Aichi in Second Life saying that you intend taking the module.

The class will meet in Dublin Virtually Live at 8.00 pm Irish Time (12 noon SL Time) on Thursday 13th February.

If you are new to Second Life it is a good idea to explore the environment before the module starts. You should be familiar with moving your avatar around, interacting with others and be able to use voice inworld. You will not receive technical tuition on Second Life during class time – it is up to each participant to learn how to live, act and behave in the environment in advance.

This year the module is being delivered in partnership with a class in University of Akron in Ohio. Dudley Dreamscape is teaching a similar module in Second Life and we agreed it would be interesting to run the classes together and give participants an opportunity to work on the major project in cooperation. Here are some helpful tips from Dudley for those new to Second Life”

  • Start SL 1” or “Start SL 2” – both show how to get your account started;
  • SL First Time In” – tells how to get into SL itself and what to expect your first time in SL;
  • TP to Welcome” – shows you how to get off the initial orientation island and continuing your adventures in SL

After these first steps, I have some other suggestions to help you know how to find other people and places and some useful tips:

  • Finding Dreamscape” – explains how to find a person and find Akron Island (or any place)
  • Preferences” – shows what preferences should be set for you
  • Get Organized” – shows how to organize your screen and your inventory for easier use
  • Outfits” – illustrates now to make an outfit or complete character for quick changes
  • Display Name” – shows how to change your display name (what you want people to call you in SL)
  • SL Profile Bio” – shows how to put basic information in your profile in SL
  • SL Profile Privacy” – lets you  know how you can adjust some privacy settings in your profile
  • Group Info” – explains what information you can get and see about the groups you are in
  • Group Tags” – shows how to “activate” a group, show your group title, and use the group benefits
  • Names” – lets you know how you can see other’s names or get them out of the way

Acuppa Tae, Locks Aichi and Dudley Dreamscape look forward to meeting you!

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