Dublin eLearning Summer School

June 8, 2011

“Teaching in Second Life” workshop on Tuesday 21st June at 2.00pm by Acuppa Tae and Locks Aichi

The aim of this workshop is to introduce participants to teaching in a virtual environments such as Second Life. The workshop assumes a basic level of familiarity with Second Life which can be acquired by completing the prerequisite exercise that takes about half an hour (see instructions below).

Tae and Aichi have been delivering the undergraduate module “Is One Life Enough?” entirely in Second Life for the last three years. The module won the 2010 Jennifer Burke Award for Innovation in Learning & Teaching and has been presented at international conferences in Ireland, France and China. It has attracted students, who attend class from the UK, US in addition to Ireland.

You can read more about joining Second LIfe here: https://virtualenvironmentsmodule.wordpress.com/8-getting-into-second-life/

Prerequisites for the workshop:

  1. Go to www.secondlife.com
  2. Join (this may take a few attempts so persevere!)
  3. Complete the Orientation Island Tour
  4. Email your Second Life name to claudia.igbrude(at)dit.ie and john.oconnor(at)dit.ie by Friday 17th June at 5.00pm
  5. Await further instructions by email!

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